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A well designed, large scale image can brighten up any space and add remarkable interest to any monotonous and dull area.

 Murals are known to have a wonderfully positive effect on children's mental health and well being and the same can also be said for people of all ages too. A well designed large scale image can be educational and encourage children's imaginations. They can also be used to promote your business, for branding  purposes or inspiring a workforce in an office.

Murals provide the perfect way of celebrating a location, history or special event or even an anniversary.

Together we can design your mural to your specific requirements to create a truly bespoke wall of art.

Murals are priced with regards to the complexity of the design and their size.

Prices include all wall preparation and a sealant to finish.

The products we use are only the best quality and are made to last!

No matter the budget, we can create something special and unique. Lets turn an indoor or outdoor blank wall into something fun, interactive, educational and interesting, that students, colleagues and staff and even Ofsted will love!


Here are examples of wall murals and installations, designed to enhance the space and create unique points of interest for businesses and schools that I have worked with. These have included Portsmouth Football Club, MessHeads Hair Design,

Fruition Youth Centre, Maximus Gym & Martial Arts Centre, Blackheath High Junior School and St John's Green Playgroup.

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